English citizens to be offered 2 free COVID tests a weekbackend

English citizens to be offered 2 free COVID tests a week

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Two free rapid coronavirus tests will be made available to all English citizens from April 9, the government announced on Monday, APA reports citing Teletrader.

The offer extends to those without symptoms, as the Department of Health stated that one in three people with COVID-19 do not experience any symptoms. The tests can be obtained via a home ordering service, as well as through workplace, school or community testing programs.

“As we reopen society and resume parts of life we have all dearly missed, regular rapid testing is going to be fundamental in helping us quickly spot positive cases and squash any outbreaks. The vaccine program has been a shot in the arm for the whole country, but reclaiming our lost freedoms and getting back to normal hinges on us all getting tested regularly,” said Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock.